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Concept development

Concept development based on gamification principles is what we provide. Through the Plus 4 method, the entity (website, organization, school, etc) will be gamified in 4 steps:


+1 Involve to create

+2 Prototype to build

+3 Share to shine

+4 Refresh to endure


These steps roughly contain a special research phase which ends with a concept, that will be build using prototyping in a very early stage. After the product is build, it will be released and frequently updated so people won’t lose interest.


A gamifier is the driving spirit behind the gamification process and therefore plays a leading role. To accomplish this task, one would need the skills of a film director and an architect put together. A gamifier should be able to oversee what appeals to the target audience and make sure that everything involved meets up to his creative vision, with the passion of film director. On the other hand, the product has to be developed according to formal requirements the architect part takes care of that. A gamifier needs to oversee the complete picture to create a successful product.


Gamification can be applied to almost anything, from marketing, education, working environments, project management, websites, internal processes to real life products.


The most popular use of gamification is a translation of the reward system used in games, to a real (non-game) environment. We need to realize that the potential of gamification is more than the reward system alone; it’s huge. is part of a group that includes high-end gaming and ICT companies, to develop the solution you need. Let’s make the world more fun, one step at a time.


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Consultancy based on gamification principles and beyond is another service that Gamifier provides. With years of experience in social media, online marketing, casual game development and ICT. Gamifier is a partner with a fresh and modern look at society and can help your organization enter this new era. A lot can be learned from games. Small changes can have a huge impact on the success of your website. Here are some examples on which Gamifier can provide consultancy:

 Boarding, a mechanism that pulls someone into a game. Especially the first part of the game has to be appealing and have no barrier whatsoever to proceed. Although it’s not the same thing as a game, these rules also apply for a website. As a result the conversion will be higher and the bounce percentage lower.

Graphics in games tell you a lot. Especially those attached to a functionality. At a glance someone knows exactly what to do, if it is well designed and positioned. Again, the same goes for graphics used in the real world, or on a website. A good functional design makes it easier for your visitors, which will lead to a better conversion.

Storytelling is something else that make games work. Almost every game has a story. This can have a small or big influence, depending on the game genre. It won’t be a surprise that this also has the same advantage for a website in the real world.

Fun, Feedback and Sharing. Giving the right (Fun) feedback at the right moment is very important. When done right, it is the spark that people need to share content.

 Just a few elements that are common within game development, which can be used to your advantage. Every organization can improve its business by applying elements, or mechanism from the gaming industry. By following gamification principals the gamifier provides you a proper advice that grows your business.

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When one is passionate about something it is a pleasure talking about it. Horst Streck (gamifier) likes to inspire people by sharing his opinion and knowledge about gamification whenever possible. Always hunting for the latest news, or ideas in his quest to turn every presentation into a memorable event.

 Organizations that want to learn about gamification, a (in house) training can be worked out for a dedicated purpose. Questions like:


  • What is the upside? 
  • Will it change my working environment? 
  • What can it be used for? 
  • Are there samples of gamification in real life? 
  • What’s all the fuzz about?
  • and more will be answered.


 If you want to fit into the next generation of technology, that applies to all kind of solutions (form marketing to HR and everything in between). Now is the time to hook up and get informed.

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