The gamification process is new, in order to do a good job we need skilled people to pull it off, a new profession: gamifier.

A gamifier is a kind of a mixture between a film director and an architect with complete focus on gamification. A gamifier has to be creative and able to create a gamification concept for any given entity (mostly within an organization). To do so the gamifier has to get involved to find the game-factor of that entity. A gamifier needs to be able to envision a concept and make it happen. So this means that during development a gamifier makes sure that the requirements are met by the developer (like an architect). Knowledge about producing games and ICT is needed. Mistakes can be in the details and game development learns us that failure or success sometimes lies in the tiniest details. Same goes for gamification, it is a craft and should be done by professionals. Gamification has to be done properly. The product that will be delivered needs to be as close to perfect as possible.

This profession will be very different from regular ICT functions. It will show if someone has done a good job, results will determine if someone is capable of being a gamifier. Just like movie directors, there are just a few that are able to create a blockbuster. That makes this profession a challenge.

A good gamifier finds the game-factor of an entity and is able to create pure fun with it!

Gamification can be applied to almost everything, it is only natural that some gamifiers will specialize in a certain direction. focuses on the educational, business and work floor environment.