When one is passionate about something it is a pleasure talking about it. Horst Streck (gamifier) likes to inspire people by sharing his opinion and knowledge about gamification whenever possible. Always hunting for the latest news, or ideas in his quest to turn every presentation into a memorable event.

 Organizations that want to learn about gamification, a (in house) training can be worked out for a dedicated purpose. Questions like:


  • What is the upside? 
  • Will it change my working environment? 
  • What can it be used for? 
  • Are there samples of gamification in real life? 
  • What’s all the fuzz about?
  • and more will be answered.


 If you want to fit into the next generation of technology, that applies to all kind of solutions (form marketing to HR and everything in between). Now is the time to hook up and get informed.

 In need for a speaker that can talk about gamification? Look no further! With 15 years of experience in ICT, followed by 10 years in the gaming industry, leading his company Youdagames to the international top, gamifier Horst Streck shares his vision with passion. Want to be updated about this phenomenon called gamification? Subscribe to this site by simply entering your email in the top right corner. You can also follow me:


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