We are entering a new era of digital engagement in which you can run your business much easier if you gamify it. Gamification is about “fun” but the results accomplished by it are real. The up and coming generation plays games, deliver what they want and you’re in business (again). It’s really as simple as it sounds. provides you the answers you need.

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There are several definitions for gamification:

  • Gamification is the integration of game mechanics or game dynamics into a website, service, community, campaign, or application in order to drive participation and engagement.
  • Use of game play mechanics for non-game applications.
  • The art and science of using game mechanics in non-game businesses to increase efficiency, customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Gamification is the infusion of game design techniques, game mechanics, and/or game style into anything.

The last definition that is provided by is the one I like the most. Since everybody is allowed to have an opinion, I give you my own straight forward definition that can be interpreted broadly and is easy to understand:

“Make things fun by adding game elements.”

The three letter word “fun” makes all the difference to me in this definition. Everybody gets it, so it’s easy to get the message across. Besides, this the definition is short and has broad interpretation, which I like because it isn’t good to put a boundary on the imagination of the gamifier. To sum it up: I like definitions with limited boundaries that need no further explanation and are thereby easy to understand. Being a gamifier defines my focus, which- by this definition- is open to all kinds of solutions, limited only by my imagination. In every gamification process you need to find out what makes an entity (organization, department, or whatever) tick and what it’s (core) activities are. Figure out the essence before even start thinking about gamification.

A side effect of this process is that it implies the ingredients to successfully promote the new gamified entity through new media.

I developed a methodology called Plus 4 based on my experience with ICT, casual game development, organizations and social media. If you have an interest in my background, then please read my biography. Step three and four as defined in the Plus 4 methodology aren’t needed to gamify things which correspond with the function gamifier. So why add them? Simple, the success of everything you do depends on the way it’s being promoted internally and externally. Step one of the process also provides us information that comes in handy for promoting the entity that has been gamified. Secondary, something fun is easy to promote. Internal promotion is always needed to get people going. Bottom line, the opportunity lies on the table and we should take advantage of it. In most cases it makes sense to promote it externally which gives organizations a big boost and this will of course have a positive effect on gamification as a whole.

I have two passions: the first one is to gamify things, the other one is to inspire people, pull them into my world and share my passion.

My goal is to make the world more fun through gamification. If you are interested about this phenomenon please read my thoughts about it in my gamification blog. Whether I do the job myself or indirectly by inspiring people that will, makes no difference to me.

Gamification, can be applied on: marketing, working environments, education, products, organizations in general and many, many other entities; big and small!

If you –after reading this- need a gamifier or someone that talks passionate about gamification, just get in touch.