7 advantages for organizations that apply Gamification

Gamification adds fun to any given entity. For me personally this would be enough to apply it. For everyone who still has doubts, it’s my pleasure to explain some advantages in more detail. Take a look at the software we use every day: websites, mobile apps, software we use at work, to name a few. We have reached a stage in which everything works just fine. It’s a craft we pretty much mastered over the years. Smart organizations even make the software work fluently, with a sophisticated user interface. We call such functionality: “user friendly.”

A game is also software. We are not fully aware of that fact anymore. This is because we experience games in a completely different way. A good game challenges us, we play it voluntarily and before we know it, we find ourselves in a flow that makes us feel good. That’s something we miss in software. It becomes more clear if we analyze the emotions of someone that plays a game and compare it with someone that is working with ordinary software. The difference is huge! Through Gamification we are able to trigger the emotions we get by playing games. By doing so we can, amongst other things, change behavior. This awareness should ring a bell. It’s obvious that a tool that can influence the way people behave is extremely valuable. For organizations I see three areas that are suitable for applying Gamification:

  1. Education
  2. Work floor
  3. Marketing

These are valuable for every organization. After a proper implementation of Gamification in these areas an organization is able to:

  • educate employees fast;
  • motivate employees;
  • improve involvement of employees;
  • optimize internal processes;
  • achieve higher conversions;
  • create loyal customers;
  • reach a higher turnover.

The list above presents just a few targets that can be reached by using Gamification.


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