eSports is huge!

Who would ever thought that a bunch of “so called” nerds sitting behind a monitor could fill up an entire stadium. That’s not all, the winner gets 1 million dollars. The fun part is, they don’t call it gaming anymore. Probably the idea behind it is, if you can fill up a stadium, you should call it sport :) So they named it eSports. Funny isn’t it! Because every sport basically is a game. Well who cares, people are entertained and that’s what matters. Could this become the age of eSports? And if so, what could become of all those youngsters that spend their days behind a monitor?

We’ll see. I believe the popularity of games in general happens for a reason and it won’t take long before we recognize the true potential of gaming. eSports is a mind game, by playing games people train their brain. It’s as simple as that! Well trained gamers can react at high speed and control several missions at the same time within a highly complicated, continuously changing non existing environment. Those skills are worth a lot! The world today just isn’t ready yet to put them to real use. That doesn’t mean they are useless! Oh no, in contrary, it means those kids are ahead of their time.

Gamification brings a solution to put these skills to good use. Sophisticated Gamified systems that could control anything we’d like, operated by these geniuses could show an effectiveness that lies beyond our imagination. Take for instance a control room that controls a combination of rescue teams: fire squad, police squad and a medical team. Those people have to be led by someone that can think fast behind a monitor that gives them an overview of the complete situation. They are able to analyze situations in a split second and give real time constructive directions. Do you see any similarity with our fresh eSport athletes? Sounds a bit futuristic doesn’t it? But it’s not. We have the people, we are able to build the systems, because they are no different from these complex games we are already able to build. The only thing that keeps us from making it happen is… Well, to be honest, I don’t really know :)

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