Gamification got swagger

Never thought that I would use the word “swagger” in a subject of one of my post, but I did. Couldn’t think of a phrase that would be more appropriate. Watch the video and find out why. A famous US rapper called “Camillionaire” talks about his experience with gamification to engage his fans. I listened to him talk passionate about his business and how gamification works for him. This is a must see video for everybody that is involved in the entertainment industry.

Not only does Camillionaire talks the talk he most definitely walks the walk. His efforts are highly effective and he openly shares his knowledge. I wish more people would stand up and where this transparent. This talk is inspiring because it is authentic. After listening 5 minutes of Camillionaire’s speech I knew that I had to write a post about it. My oldest son is on his way becoming a professional DJ. The middle one produces hip hop as a hobby and my youngest just launched a game review site. I know they will listen to what Camillionaire has to say rather than hearing it from their (old) dad and so will many other youngsters.

Camillionaire’s vision is legit. What he tells isn’t very different from what we hear from modern marketing agencies that practice online marketing every day and know what they are doing. But he took it to another level by properly implementing gamification to his site. He gets it! A lot of artists should follow his steps to engage their fans. Primarily he listens to his fans and getting involved himself. An approach that I fully support since it is the first step in my Plus 4 gamification method: “involve to create.” While doing so he discovered that he can turn his fans into ambassadors. He found a way to connect with his fans on a regular basis. He makes them feel that he cares, he shares his personal stuff that might not have much value for him, but so much the more for his fans. He rewards them in various ways. A lot of effective rewards are at no charge. Yes, he uses points, badges and leader boards, but he certainly knows how to use them. Just had to laugh out loud when he talks about the top 10 fans of his leader board. His reply to a fan stepping up to him saying: “I am your biggest fan”, is just hilarious.

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