Gamification: play is pure fun!

When you turn your daily activity into a playful experience, you don’t need extra motivation to enjoy the ride. Just a couple of days ago a video was brought to my attention by my brother. Not long after it was shared by many people.

 This video makes me laugh out loud! When I watched it again I noticed some things. First of all the guy on the treadmill on the foreground is very skilled. Secondly you see somebody at the background doing the same thing, but there is a very important difference: “it looks like he’s working his pants off!”. He is doing what we like to call: “a tough work-out.” It looks like hard work and it probably is.

The guy on the foreground is clearly having fun and doing a wonderful work-out at the same time. It doesn’t look hard, but it’s the same exercise. That’s the essence of Gamification! An example of play in its purest form. This guy doesn’t need extra motivation. A clear case of someone that is being intrinsically motivated. Fun appears in many ways! For now: “Just have fun watching this video!”