It becomes interesting when the real and virtual world meet

My main interest is obviously Gamification. Augmented reality, applied games, social media are in my field of interest as well. I see them as complementary to Gamification. Innovations in which the real world meets the virtual world have my special interest. That’s where our future lies. I am certain of that. For a lot of people hard to understand what the potential is, but if I would invest in something, it would be in these kind of projects. It is the next big thing in the field of technology.

Take for instance Google Glass. A new technique that will give us a complete different perspective on how people and software can interact. At this point we can only guess what it could bring us. Very exciting and there is a big chance it will succeed. The signals are there. A lot of people want it and a lot of people are being very skeptical about it. Viral video’s that make fun of Google glass are getting a lot of views. These are the characteristics for all things that become hugely successful. Think about the iPhone, the iPad, for example. Remember the viral video’s before they were exposed to the public. Well…I am excited about it and can’t wait until it reaches the market.

Google Glass is not the only interesting development. A lot of other projects that includes augmented reality look very promising as well. Many Gamification projects can be more successful by using these new techniques. That’s why I am following these developments so closely. The video’s below gives you a peak in what the near future might bring us.

Augmented Reality Showreel 2013


Seamless data interface between the real and virtual world