Minecraft, my son’s habitat. Education or play?

Recently I took a short virtual journey with my son. Afterwards I wrote a post about it: “Exploring my son’s habitat together; Minecraft!” The days after he kept asking me if I wanted to take a look at the world he created in Minecraft together with a friend. I was done with the subject, saw what the game could do, it was a nice experience. That’s it!! To be honest, I wasn’t in the mood to take another journey. Boy, was I wrong! With me he took a boring journey. This journey was different, it felt if he was really home again. I won’t write down my experience this time. Just watch the video and see for yourself, especially if you have children. It’s less than 15 minutes. I sure hope other parents will do the same with their kids!! If they play Minecraft as well, then be so kind and make a video. Would be great to compare those. Please mail the links to me, I would really love to witness your experience. One short remark. In Minecraft you have to build everything, even the tools you need to build other stuff with. So a player starts from scratch!

My son made and edited this video. He sounds a bit different, because he had a cold while recording it.

I read a post this week called: “MinecraftEdu: Now Teaching in Over 1000 Schools” It’s about a version of Minecraft being used for educational purposes. That doesn’t surprise me at all. Great initiative!

My son is a visual thinker. The current educational system isn’t prepared for these children. They are highly creative and able to analyze complex situations within a split second. Schools don’t know how to deal with them. We tried several schools with our own son. The problem isn’t the children, it’s the educational system that has to change, if we want to enjoy the knowledge these children might bring into our world.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me, anything would do, thanks!