Yet another introduction to Gamification

Recently I was asked to blog for the online magazine I accepted the opportunity with honor. This magazine provides information about our failing current society and offers a solution with society 3.0 A lot of great inspiring people give an inspiring contribution to this magazine. That’s why I feel honored to participate in this great initiative with my posts about Gamification. Which I believe can have a positive impact on modern society. My first one is an introduction to Gamification, because many people first need to get acquainted with the term. Enjoy reading…

The concept of Gamification is easy to understand, and hard to carry out at the same time. Basically it’s about applying game design techniques and elements into reality. With it various goals can be achieved. Games have by nature an attractive force. It was just a matter of time until someone came up with the brilliant idea to implement elements that make games so attractive in the real world. This makes Gamification more direct than games, in the real world people don’t need to get used to a virtual environment. It’s all happening in our own environment, that makes it a very powerful tool.

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