Viral fun takes over!

I see a new trend in which Gamification is used sometimes. A new sort of viral video is conquering the social media by a storm. The latest techniques are used to make them appealing. I have seen Gamification, Special Effects, Augmented reality and all kind of mixtures, of these modern techniques implemented in those hilarious video’s. The result is great, I personally love those video’s and can’t get enough of them. A large audience agrees with me, since those video’s seem to be highly succesful.

Although this example doesn’t use Gamification I felt I had to share it. I believe it is a very powerful marketing tool. Last year I saw a couple of video’s that included game elements and their views just went through the roof.

Well, I won’t disturb you any further with my opinion on this new trend, just enjoy the video and be inspired.

Have fun!




  1. It’s interesting.

  2. The introduction of various entertainment elements in the video of this type became very popular. This allows you to interest the audience.


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