What if I could use invisibility in my concepts?

I want to explore possibilities beyond common boundaries, not stay in my own familiar comfort zone when it comes to creating new concepts. Some solutions might popup that look like science fiction, so it’s very hard to think beyond that huge barrier that blocks our imagination. We all thought at a certain point in our childhood: “wouldn’t it be great if I could be invisible.”

Think about invisibility in relation to Gamification, or in several other fields for that matter. Don’t you get inspired by only thinking about it? Well, I do! Just found it a very unrealistic thought. Accidently I found this video, seems they were experimenting with a technique that could make this happen in 2009! Science fiction has become history. Seems to me we really are limited by our imagination. Although custom gamified software solutions are in my field of expertise, I just needed to share this.

Enjoy the video and watch it until the end to witness one useful practice of this amazing technique.