Witness the power of gamification

Must see! When the fun starts you can give it a name: “gamification!” This surprise challenge from Coke Zero sure motivates, otherwise contestants wouldn’t run this fast. But what’s their goal and who wins? It says the goal is: “Unlock the 007 in you. You have 70 seconds!”

I believe it unlocks something else. The youtube video published on the 18th of October is already viewed over 3 million times 4 days later and counting. Witness the power of gamification!

And the winner is…Coke Zero!!



  1. Yes Gamifier, this Coke movie comes very handy to let your audience discover some game mechanics. Works very well for Jos Sauren and me. Saves us a lof of talking and explaining. It speaks for itself.

    • Horst Streck

      Jos Sauren, hmmm that name sounds familiar :) Are you already using it?


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