5 characteristics of modern society

Our current financial crisis is a symptom of the malfunction of our current society. That is just one symptom; a lot more is going on. We are in a transition and many people are aware of this. Our society is entering a new era. Look at our educational system for example. We educate people for their own spot in our working environment. Jobs that people made up decades ago, amongst them jobs that don’t exist anymore. Even if those jobs would exist the chance of getting one is very small. Our educational system likes to put people in boxes. Next to that, our current method more or less paralyzes the mind of people. The fear of doing wrong is overwhelming and has a big impact on our future behavior. For one it kills creativity. As a result we are scared to think outside of the box. Degrading a brainstorm into a breeze. The system creates mentally programmed clones, with a financial burden that limits our thoughts. Society needs to realize that things have changed tremendously and therefore it must adapt.

 A few characteristics of modern society

  1. Knowledge is within reach. Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC’s) can be followed by everyone that owns a PC, often those courses are free of charge.
  2. Business failures due to bad management are spread within seconds through online media. This example of instant transparency lies beyond the perception of our former generation.
  3. Our current financial crisis makes people reinvent society. Many people are amazed why citizens don’t protest. Don’t be amazed, in my opinion there is a new kind of revolution going on. One that is extremely powerful. Many people ignore current systems and use there own improved ones. Creating a parallel society. This causes our current society to become obsolete.
  4. Old organizational structures don’t function anymore. The millions of citizens that lost their job make this painfully clear. Our 24/7 economy produces more burn-outs than ever before.
  5. New developments occur almost every day. It has become hard to keep on track. Especially for large cooperation’s it has become an impossible task. They don’t have the speed, innovative capacity and passionate employees to turn an idea into a success.

 Like I mentioned before, many people believe we are moving toward a new era. I am one of them. We are shifting from the information era towards the idea era.

In modern society Gamification plays an important role as I explained in a recent blog that I wrote for Society 3.0, called: A Gamified vision on modern society (click on the link if you would like to read it).



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