Impulse AR – 3 reasons 2 share

In search of news interesting enough to share with my followers on Social Media I decided to do something more with the stuff I gather. The week after I pick out the ones that got most attention and give you three personal reasons why I picked that specific post. Would just love it if you could do the same for me in a comment. That way we can learn form each other. When a particular post creates a Buzz, I will expand on the subject and keep it alive.

This is the message that links to a popular post I spread:

With a bit of imagination, people can have a lot of fun! Must see: Augmented Reality
Why I find this post interesting:

1. I recognize the true potential when it would be combined with gamification. 

2. People are clearly having fun, it works!

3. It can have a big viral impact, these kind of video’s are always fun to watch.


If you like this post as well, please give me your three reasons in a comment below. Thanks!