Do we ‘like’ the want button?

As soon as the ‘want’ button was brought to my attention, I kept thinking about it. Will it have a positive effect on the consumer, or only on business? Maybe it could even  serve both interests. The way it is presented here (image above)  would be the way to go. It gives companies additional information directly from the consumer, which is valuable. However, it is a ‘want’ button, meaning that the consumer already made a decision. Wouldn’t a ‘don’t want’ button with an explanation provide more valuable information? Come to think of it, a ‘want if’ button would even be better.

Want if:

  • The price is lower.
  • It fits in my purse.
  • They come in red.
  • You don’t change a thing.

This gives companies a good insight in the consumer needs and they should use this to improve the product. If the ‘want’ button is going to be used to target consumers harder, then this could backfire. Let’s wait and see.  Original article: Facebook adds ‘want’ button.



  1. Your statement is so true!
    However the ‘if’ causes some issues.
    It can not be only a button.
    There would be to many ‘ifs’.
    Concerning the want button there are issues too. When a Bentley is shown in a picture everybody would want that.
    Want or maybe even an interested button
    could be interesting for consumers and business.
    Just hope that eventually it does not take over everybody’s lifes…

  2. The what if comes from the picture above this article. I believe they want to implement it like this.

  3. Maybe that will work…
    However i still want that Bentley too and the Ferarri…